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Near Kaliningrad worker fell to his death

April 19, 2015

Two men mounted frame, standing on the stairs, which was not properly secured.

In the afternoon on April 14 in the village of Druzhnoye Gurievsky area from a height of about four meters down two workers. 53-year-old man suffered a head injury and died at the scene. 41-year-old partner of the deceased with numerous bruises body was taken to the hospital.

- According to the information now his life is out of danger, - said Senior Assistant Head of Regional Office TFR Marianne Andryushina. - Workers install metal structures that are part of the carcass storage facilities. Immediately prior to the fall of both stood on a metal ladder that was not properly secured. In fact what happened Guryevsky interdistrict investigation department conducted initial inquiry, the question of a criminal case.