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Belorusneft starts selling branded fuel

April 16, 2015

Network of filling stations of the state company "Belorusneft" will start selling a new brand of fuel BN-92, which was developed jointly with the German concern BASF. It is reported by the press service of state-owned companies.

New product "Belorusneft" - premium fuel BN-92. It is created on the basis of high-quality gasoline and complex innovative additives. BN-92 contains a modern friction modifier (the latest development of the company BASF) and special components to reduce internal friction in the engine. Due to this new gasoline provides not only high detergent, anticorrosion and lubricating properties, but also reduces the average fuel consumption. Experts say that the use of BN-92 provides a higher efficiency of the engine increases the service life and reduces gasoline consumption. When this effect becomes noticeable after the first tank.

Today, innovative fuel already supplied to the gas station company network. Its implementation will start in April. And at first, the price of gasoline brand BN-92 at all gas stations "Belorusneft" will be equal to the price of regular gasoline.