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Working on "NLC" was seriously injured in the shop

February 26, 2015
  Serious accident occurred January 31, 2015 in 14 hours 05 minutes. The victim worked at JSC "Novovyatskiy ski Works" by profession crane operator at the site acceptance of raw materials.

According to the press service of the State Labour Inspectorate of the Kirov region, in that ill-fated day before the lunch break, working in the workshop held as usual. After lunch on the cell called the engineer Foreman preparation of raw materials and reported that raw materials entering the chipper is insufficiently prepared. Master asked him to deliver raw materials from another pool.

When the man went to the master he was not in a fenced area for loading and unloading, where at this moment another worker was finishing packing materials in the conveyor. Worker, not noticing the driver, who rose to the serving area, decided to correct unevenly stacked logs in the conveyor. As a result, the conveyor grab the victim hit in the shoulder and took off site.

Doctors diagnosed men closed fracture of the sternum without bias, bruised heart, lungs, closed compression fracture of thoracic vertebra 6. This injury is classified as serious personal injury.

As it turned out, in the shop did not have safety signs and warning labels, no routings on work and railings.

Guilty officials were brought to administrative responsibility in the form of a fine in the total amount of 28 thousand. Rubles. Legal entity fined totaling 205 thousand. Rubles.

A terrible accident at work occurred recently in Svechinsky District Kirov region in the workshop of wood processing. Machine operator, he's foreman, missed another log on the machine, propyl already ended. At this time the victim for some reason got on the machine frame, stumbled, then intuitively pulled over and saw his left leg came under the band saw. Foreman called an entrepreneur, and they jointly dragged the injured leg and stop the bleeding. Arrived doctors hospitalized man, put him in the hospital diagnosed with traumatic amputation of the lower third of the left thigh.