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Lost in Krasnoyarsk Chinese worker was drunk

February 26, 2015

Migrant workers from China, who died January 23 at the construction house in Krasnoyarsk district Sunny, was intoxicated, according to Krasnoyarsk labor inspectorate.

The death occurred at a construction site working at home on Avenue 60 years of the USSR. According to investigators, 54-year-old worker can not keep his balance and fell from the 6th floor. He was employed in the Harbin LLC "Midas", which is engaged as a contractor.

"It was also established that the accident occurred 45 minutes before the official start of production work, ie after hours. The victim was admitted to the performance of work without going through safety training and examination requirements for the protection of labor. In addition, forensic chemical study showed that the victim was intoxicated moderate severity, "- said in a statement.

The general contractor is a house under construction CPM "Omega". Currently, this fact carried out pre-investigation checks.

The causes of the tragedy served several circumstances, namely: poor organization of production work, lack of control on the part of officials for the safe production of stone work, a violation of employee labor regulations and labor discipline, admission to the performance of work an employee who has not undergone training and examination requirements for the protection of labor notes trudinspektsiya.

This is the fourth worker died in the construction of Krasnoyarsk InJanuary January 2015 goda.13 crane boom from the roof of flats were dropped two workers, a third worker was killed on January 20 after falling from the 11th floor.