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Night fire at "Mechel". Burning coke oven gas

March 5, 2015

In Chelyabinsk, tonight, on March 5, there was a fire in the shop capture number 1 «Mechel-Coke" - a division of CMP. As reported by «URA.Ru» in the press center of the MES in the Chelyabinsk region, fixed fire coke oven gas.

"At stopped (standby) unit in the shop number 1 was catching fire coke oven gas. Owing to the small fire, the fire was extinguished by the technological personnel of the enterprise before the arrival of fire services. Causes of the incident are installed, "- said the head of the public relations and information of" CMP "Catherine Usoltseva.

Coke oven gas - a combustible substance produced in the coking of coal used as fuel in industrial furnaces, for the domestic gas supply.

According to the MOE, the threat of ecology is not affected and no destruction, the present state of emergency on the production had no effect. The company operates in normal mode.