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Violation of the norms of labor protection in the enterprise

April 9, 2015

For violation of safety standards, endangering the life and health of workers, the Moscow management company to pay a fine in the amount of 37.5 million rubles

 In January 2015, in the city of Moscow GBU "Zhilischnik district Hovrino" domestic premises caught fire, which killed three people in the organization.

     When investigating the accident territorial authority Rostrud was decided to carry out verification of compliance with the requirements and standards for health and safety in the institution. In the course of supervisory activities were revealed numerous violations. In an organization there is no service or the person responsible for health and safety. 333 agency staff is not trained and tested knowledge on labor protection, the employer is not a compulsory preliminary and periodic medical examinations of employees, as well as fire drill, and others.

 In order to prevent further accidents employer issued orders to align activities in accordance with the legislation on labor and suspension from work of employees not trained in health and safety.

 For violations of the requirements and safety standards, posing an immediate threat to the health and lives of hundreds of workers against the employer ordered the appointment of administrative penalties totaling $ 37.5 million rubles.

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 official site Rostrud