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Approved the Regulations on labor protection in the operation of refrigeration units

March 11, 2015

Order of the Ministry of Labour of Russia from 23.12.2014 N 1104n approved the regulations on labor safety in the operation of refrigeration systems.

 Rules established state regulatory requirements of occupational safety in the operation of stationary refrigeration units - units, machinery, general-purpose operating on volumetric compressor in a closed cycle using Freon (Freon) and their mixtures as a refrigerant, including refrigeration units that make up the Refrigeration process (including a cooling capacity of at least 3.0 kW).

 However, the action does not apply to work on the operation of refrigeration systems using ammonia as the refrigerant, water or air.

Rules are binding on:

 - Employers - legal entities (irrespective of their organizational and legal forms) and individuals (except for employers - individuals who are not individual entrepreneurs);

 - Employees who are with them in labor relations.

 Rules secured obligation of the employer to develop safety instructions with regard to the requirements of the Rules and technical documentation company - manufacturer of refrigeration facilities.


 Rules also a list of harmful and (or) hazardous production factors that may affect workers engaged in operation of refrigeration systems.


 In addition, the Rules of fixed labor protection requirements:

 - The organization of work (production processes);

 - Applicable to the production areas (sites) and the placement of refrigeration equipment;

 - In case of the production processes (in particular, the operation and maintenance of refrigeration systems).

 Order of the Ministry of Labour of Russia from 23.12.2014 N 1104n registered in the Russian Ministry of Justice 26 February 2015.

Effective Date - 03/06/2015.

Source: ISS "Techexpert"