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The fire, which claimed the lives of Serbian workers, was the beginning of a thorough on-site inspections

February 16, 2015

February 15, 2015

At the site of the tragedy, which earlier this week claimed the lives of six foreign workers conducted several audits by various agencies. Recall the night on February 8 at the territory of the pumping station of "Transneft", 28 kilometers from the camp on fire Novozapolyarny residential complex.

Leave it alone could only 234 employees. Six people died in the fire. All of them were citizens of Serbia. On the top-Pur field commission arrived from county departments heads. It was headed by the deputy prosecutor of Russia Yury Ponomarev - he will personally monitor the progress of a criminal investigation. Also on the site of the tragedy visited Serbia's Ambassador to Russia. And earlier in the week District Governor Dmitry Kobylkin gathered operative meeting where listened to reports and representatives of relevant departments. Shift camp - a 6 residential complexes, dining room, 2 office buildings, medical center and three diesel power plant. Affected hostel - a two-tier modular complex of 84 metal containers, they did not even contain the fire alarm. Problems in the reports surfaced many, one of them - on the reliability of data on employees.