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In the Samara region, the profession of driver recognized as the most traumatic

January 15, 2015

For 2014 in the Samara region on the production was 185 accidents with serious consequences, which killed 45 people, 152 were seriously injured, the press service of the State Labour Inspectorate of the Samara region.

According to the analysis, in 2014, became the most traumatic of the profession - 32 people injured.

Often injured workers receive other professions, drivers actually do the work. For example, a young girl - the manager on Trade LLC "Volga - Negotiable" died in December of 2014, driving his car. Behind the wheel of the car, also performing duties in May 2014 killed the doctor "Kinel city and district hospitals." A zavskladom Ltd. "EKOLAIN" ruled by forklift truck and suffered severe internal injuries and a fractured pelvis in a fall of two containers of polyester resin weighing more than a ton each.

Often as a result of unsafe acts drivers injury, sometimes fatal, get other workers. Thus, the cause of death Production Ltd. "Oryx" in February 2014 began hitting the truck with garbage collection in the room compost production.

In the list of traumatic occupations, according to the regional HIT, in second place - Locksmiths. Among them, 19 people injured. In third place welders - 14 victims.

Among with severe and fatal injuries and 10 electricians, 10 laborers, six installers of building structures, five turners.

Under different circumstances (accidents, wrongful acts of others, falling as a result of deterioration of health, etc.) suffered nine health professionals.

As a result of industrial accidents severe injury severity were six drillers (assistant driller) workover, and three severe accidents occurred in one organization - JSC "management to enhance oil recovery and well workover and" registered in the Krasnoyarsk region.

"Suffered in 2014 and three operators for wireline company LLC" Management workover - Samara "branch" RN-Service ": one was killed and two were seriously injured. In total, the organization in 2014, there were three accidents: group, severe and fatal, in which one worker was killed and four were seriously injured, - says the press service of HIT in Samara region. - All three cases occurred in October 2014 ".

But not only for the organization in 2014 th was adversely on the number of workers affected in case of accidents.

"The sad record of repeated" Kuznetsov "- five workers were seriously injured, AvtoVAZ - four heavy industrial accident, - reported in the GIT of the Samara region. - A one organization -" Otradnensky plant oil engineering ", which in 2014 . with the unenviable regularity (in April, June and August), there were three serious accidents at work - by the decision of the inspection certificate has lost confidence in the employer, issued in December 2010. currently being considered to revoke the certificate of trust to the employer for "Office workover - Samara "branch" RN-Service. "

Were less likely to die, and the number of serious injuries has increased.

In general, registered in the HIT occupational injuries in 2014 remained at 2013 .: 185 accidents with serious consequences (in 2013 - 183). The number of fatal accidents decreased by 12% (37, in 2013 - 42). Heavy industrial accidents observed a slight increase of 5.3% (131 in 2013 - 124). Group of industrial accidents happened as much as in 2013 - 17.

The total number of deaths is 45 people, which is 8% less than in 2013, when 49 were killed in the production workers.

The risk of injury in the construction industry is growing

According to HIT in the Samara region of 45 workers killed on the job in 2014, 11 people (ie one in four) were working in the construction industry.

Growth of fatal accidents recorded in transport - 1.6 times. Recorded eight deaths (in 2013 there were five). In other industries a significant increase in fatal accidents registered.

The main reason for accidents - poor organization of production

The press service of HIT Samara Region reported that the main cause of most accidents established by the Commission on the results of the investigation - poor organization of production (72 cases out of 185, or 39%). In second place - traffic violations (34 cases out of 185, or 18.4%).

The regional HIT note that 37 accidents that resulted in the death of nine workers are accidents. But the greatest number of tragedies occurred in the fall from a height of workers - 39 cases, including five deaths.

"In this regard, I want to once again draw attention to the need to strictly comply with the safety requirements when working at height, - reported the press service of HIT in Samara region. - Given that the May 6, 2015 come into effect new rules for the protection of works on height, heads of organizations and individual entrepreneurs need to organize learning the rules with employees and monitor compliance with the requirements. "