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Accidents at the enterprises of Tatarstan for the week

January 20, 2015

According to the operative data of the State Labour Inspectorate, will go from 17 to 23 January, at the enterprises of Tatarstan were recorded 8 heavy, 2 deaths and 2 group accident. January 17 after getting the job worker Almetyevsky enterprise "TMS Truboprovodservis" before reaching the workplace, fell down and lost consciousness. Doctors pronounced him dead. The second accident fatalities occurred on January 21. On the territory of MBOU "Shemordansky Lyceum Sabinsky municipal area RT" lying in the snow was found deceased watchman institution. Also registered 8 serious accidents. The first of these occurred December 30, 2014. The driver of "Tattransstroy", located in the district of Kazan Vakhitovsky, during a fight was injured. January 16 affected employee AFPS "Tatarstan Pochtasy" - a branch of "Russian Post" in Almetyevsk. During the delivery of pensions at the entrance to the staircase postman slipped and fell, causing the ice and hit the back of the head hurt. The third serious accident is dated the same day. When carrying out measurements of a private house worker Kazan enterprise "Geodesy Group" failed in opening the floor and was seriously injured. The remaining 5 serious accidents dated January 20. When pushing the tube on the transport rollers fingers of his right hand electrician Almetyevsky LLC "Computer World" in the gap between the pipes confronted. Worker in an accident was an open fracture of the phalanges of fingers 5. Fifth accident with serious consequences fixed by the deputy chief engineer of "Yamashskoe UTT", located in Almetyevsk. He was seriously injured after falling on a flight of stairs administrative building. Another serious accident took place in Kazan "SK Everest." Electric and gas companies fell from a height of 1.2 m, resulting in a fractured vertebral body lumbar. Leninogorsk happened head-on collision with a car crane car "KAMAZ". Suffered LLC "ORTEKS." Last accident with serious consequences registered Zainsk company LLC "Plant concrete." During operation dislodged scrap Moulder tossed aside. Worker tripped and fell, resulting in a severe head injury. Also recorded two group accident. January 15 at the 6th km of the route Yelabuga - Gary was a traffic accident, injuring workers of "Elabuzhsky meat-packing plant." January 16 during the repair of vehicles affected employees LLC "KVVK" located in Kukmorsky District. One of the workers died in the hospital, another was injured mild. At the moment, according to the above case is under investigation, the press service of the Ministry of Labor RT.