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The owner fell in Barfine crane will go on trial

January 14, 2015

Old Russian inter-district investigation department of the Investigative Committee of Russia's Novgorod Region has completed the investigation of the criminal case against a resident Parfino accused of violating safety rules during dismantling.

According to investigators, the evening of 3 July last year in Parfino the former factory during the dismantling of an unfinished building of reinforced concrete slabs deformation occurred outrigger crane, and the car overturned. Falling plate was fatally injured 27-year-old man.

According to the deputy head of the investigative department Alexey Vasiliev, the cause of the tragedy were numerous violations of safety rules at work.

For example, a sole proprietorship, the operator is not prepared organizational and technical documentation, which should describe the method of dismantling the sequence of work and danger areas. In addition, the businessman was to establish a protective fence around the crane and the whole area of work, to fix or enhance parsed structure of the building, as well as stock up the scheme specifying the location of the crane and storage of plates with the carrying capacity of the machine.

It is noteworthy that the victim of the tragedy became, according to workers, bystanders. Entrepreneur saw it and had to ask the young man to leave the place of work, but I did not. During the move, the next plate boom crane broke down, the car overturned and hit a man plate, from which he died at the scene. How then showed technical expertise, weight plates exceeded the permissible lifting capacity of 2.36 times. This was the cause of the fall. Now the entrepreneur faces up to five years in prison.

Add that with respect to the crane operator was also prosecuted under similar article - "Violation of safety rules during demolition work." Now it is considered in court.