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On the eight largest plants of the Moscow refinery will establish system - environmental monitoring

January 28, 2015

Moscow. Eight major installations MOR "Gazprom oil" will be installed around the clock environmental monitoring system. This was announced on January 14 meeting of the Commission on Environmental Policy, Moscow City Duma.

"The challenge of ensuring environmental safety we are engaged since 2010 - said at a meeting of the Moscow City Duma CEO of" Gazprom Neft-MOR "Arkady Egizaryan. - During this time, we have eliminated the legacy of past years: closed and dismantled the old buildings and installations, recovery and recycling of about 300 thousand cubic meters of sludge. The company has completely passed on the production of gasoline and diesel fuel Euro-5 standard. Pouring oil is made using a sealed technology. Today, a project for the construction of large-capacity units for primary oil refining in 2017 will be put into operation complex installations bioremediation through which three times now reduced discharge of water. After the reconstruction, the proportion of hydrogen sulfide emissions will be reduced by 98%, which ensures that no unpleasant odors. "

It is worth noting that the Muscovites will soon have control emissions of capital enterprises. According to Deputy Director for Technical Policy Nikiticha Eugene, the city plans to introduce a system of on-line monitoring, similar to that used in the EU. "In Europe, this system is called" Transparent tube "- he explained. - Every citizen, after logging in, can get real-time information about what substances are emitted one or another pipe to the atmosphere. We already have the solutions for this project. At present, 58 companies and 183 tubes in Moscow are already under control. "