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Scientists of the Belarusian state University have proposed a unique design for liquidation of emergency floods of oil

January 23, 2015

Minsk. January 18 BSU scientists offer a unique design for the oil spill and oil on the surface of the waters and land, as well as to clean the surface and waste water from laminated layers of oil and oil products. Sorbent "Lignosorb" created in the Research Institute of Physico-Chemical Problems (NII FHP).

According to BELTA, its developers were laboratory staff cellulose solutions and products NII FHP BSU. Research work carried out under the direction of Head of Laboratory, Doctor of Chemistry Professor Dmitry Grynszpan.

New made in the form of large-hydrophobized powder hydrolytic production waste - hydrolytic lignin (the substance that characterizes stiff plant cell walls). In our country, the raw material for the production of "Lignosorba" are multimillion dumps lignin Rechitsa and Bobruisk distilleries.

Unlike other natural sorbents, sorbent "Lignosorb" does not require additional costs for production and transportation, does not sink along with the oil and turns it into a high-energy solid fuel. The sorbent is designed for the disposal of waste industrial and vegetable oils by converting them into environmentally friendly pellets or briquettes, easily burned in conventional ovens for solid fuels.

New development scientists BSU is intended for use in the chemical and petroleum industries, as well as in emergency situations Ministry of Emergency Situations