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Top 10 injuries in the workplace version of the world of the insurer Liberty Mutual

January 26, 2015

Company Liberty Mutual - the world-famous mutual insurance company, based in Boston, USA in 1912. The main activity of the company is car insurance, but also the company has insurance against accidents at work. According to her, based on the costs allocated as a result of a accident the company has made a rating of injuries in the workplace, which often have to pay and which leave a lot of money.

Overvoltage muscular system has become a leader among the leading causes of injury in the workplace. Usually these injuries include injuries associated with the rise and carrying heavy loads, pushing or pulling objects, holding and throwing. Such injuries cost to 15.1 billion. US dollars enterprises make up more than a quarter of the total cost of insurance against accidents.

Second in the top of accidents are falling from his own height, they cost a little less than the leader, namely 9.19 billion. Dollars and account for more than 15% of the total cost of insurance. The next type of injury - injury arising from falling on workers objects from a height, for this kind of incident takes more than 5 billion. Dollars, they account for about 9% of the total cost of insurance.

Fourth place was given to the injuries associated with a fall from a height of employees, the cost of these injuries is estimated at more than 5 billion. Dollars, their share in the cost of insurance is 8.6 percent.

The fifth category of injuries includes injuries related to the uncomfortable position of the human body, for example, an injury that occurred as a result of the necessary bending of the body, crawling, twisting things, kneeling and the other, but this does not include slipping. Such injuries a year takes an average of 4.27 billion. Dollars, they make up 7.2% of the insurance costs.

More than 5% of the injuries accounted for traffic accidents, and the burden that lie on the sixth paragraph stamp is more than 3 billion. Dollars each year. A large number of injuries occur as a result of slipping or sliding on the wet floor and other surfaces, but in such cases, the fall does not occur. In such cases a year on spending more than $ 2 billion. Dollars, accounting for 3.6% of total spending, eventually awarded to them seventh place ranking.

Clamping limbs in equipment or other mechanical objects put forward data accidents a top 8 spot list figures differ slightly from the previous paragraph and up to 2.1 billion. Dollars insurance costs and 3.5% of the total number of injuries.

A small gap of the eighth to the ninth paragraph, which occupy an injury resulting from local stereotyped and repetitive movements, for these injuries account for 3.1% of the total number of work-related injuries, their cost is 1.84 billion. Dollars per year.

At the last tenth place are injuries due to impact parts of the body of the equipment or other items such injuries account for 2.9% to the value of 1.76 billion. Dollars.

If you count, it turns out that industrial accidents cost US companies more than $ 1 billion. Dollars a week, which is a huge funds. In general, the selected world-renowned insurer 10 causes of injury at work constitute more than 83% of the causes of accidents.