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New year's "gift". In Tobolsk opened a criminal case on the fact of explosion on the enterprise

January 12, 2015

A criminal investigation into security breaches at Tobolsk industrial plant instituted investigative committee of the Russian Federation in the Tyumen region. According to preliminary data, in one of the production lines companies caught fire - said the investigation department of Tobolsk. At the moment, the committee members are investigating.

Recall another explosion rocked the city last night. Press Service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations delicately called his cotton tobolyaki - explosion. A fire occurred in one of the most important facilities in the region - "TobolskPolimere." One production line of the enterprise is stopped, the other two are operating normally.

As a result of the incident, five employees were hospitalized. Two of them are already in the house - they light burns. Three others were 10, 20 and 40% burns on the face and body. Currently, victims are in intensive care. Two state assessed as severe.

In social networks Tobolsk is an active discussion of the incident. Many consider this fact as a natural - a security breach on the petrochemical industry was no secret to the townspeople long ago.

Note that the last two months is the second such incident. The first explosion occurred on November 3 and claimed, according to official figures, the lives of two workers. Then, for preventive maintenance of the tank exploded gas-air mixture in the main branch of the Tobolsk firm "SG-Trans". Tobolyaki first talked about the fact that the leadership of the various enterprises of the city opened saves on safety. Residents felt that the explosion did not last November and in the "risk group" was also named "TobolskPolimer."