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In Kazan in the new year's eve died working under the pressure of a garbage truck

January 9, 2015

Two employees of a company for waste disposal were on duty on the eve of the new year. At certain times in the back of the truck broke down, and one of the on duty he decided to find out the reason.

The man climbed into the back to fix the problem. It turned out that the installation was a piece of wood, which is jammed mechanism. When the man took out a piece of wood, the mechanism reopened and rammed working with the trash.

The accident happened in front of the driver, who immediately became ill, but man, having collected the remnants of the forces caused by medics and police. The arrival in the brigade "first aid", unfortunately, was pronounced dead worker from injuries incompatible with life. Truck driver was taken to a medical facility for care.

At the moment, the fact of the accident is a check by law enforcement officials. Examination will show the reasons for violations of worker safety rules.