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In Cheboksary on the "Rainbow" collapsed ton crane

January 9, 2015

On January 6 at the construction site of the new district of the city "Rainbow" there were two emergency. First started a large fire, and then collapsed crane, nearly killing one of the construction workers. The fire started around 10 am. MOE Chuvashia sources said that the fire could not locate a long time. Fire and smoke brought down from the windows of buildings. Two fire brigades were able to cope with the fire only after 40 minutes. Causes of fires are set. Some time later, on the same construction site collapsed multi-ton crane. Kamaz driver inadvertently put the car with retractable design on the edge of the ravine, we stopped at a small platform. Kamaz lost his balance and fell on its side. A car almost hit one of the workers. Information about the victims specified.