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A new level of security on the roads. The announcement of the new training courses CA "Bashneftechem"

January 19, 2015

Driving Safety

According to statistics, the vast majority of road traffic accidents (RTA) is caused by dangerous or improper actions of road users. And it is very much depends on the skill of the driver, his ability to drive a car in unusual situations, and even better - the ability to avoid them. Ideal safe driver - a driver to apply the principles and methods of defensive driving, in which, regardless of the actions of other road users, and in any case does not admit of an accident.

Learning safe driving can achieve the following objectives:

- Acquisition of drivers' knowledge and practical skills to identify the main dangers on the road and when maneuvering in tight spaces and taken the necessary (corrective) action in advance;

- Formation of the drivers skills guessing the situation on the road and the behavior of other road users;

- Formation of conscious attitude of drivers to behave safely on the road.


Bezopasnoe driving (driving without accidents).

Chelovecheskie factors affecting driving.

Analiz hazard space.

Deystviya to reduce the level of danger (escape from danger).

Sredstva safety and driving position.

Proverka driving skills and driving with comments.

categories of students

Avtolyubiteli who care about personal safety and the safety of loved ones

professionalnye corporate drivers of vehicles of various kinds

Sotrudniki companies whose work relates to the need to use vehicles

Neposredstvennye leaders working with the drivers.

The methodology and format of training: theoretical part in the form of training, including the lecture part, view photo and video materials with the subsequent analysis of the situation; the practical part of the landfill (development of proactive driving skills) and the city (driving with comments).

Duration: 2 days.

The form of the document issued by: certificate.

The cost of training one person: 5510 rubles. taking into account the 5% discount.

Winter Driving

Driving in winter is not easy, requiring considerable knowledge and practical skills. Among motorists cold season is considered to be a serious test for both car and driver. Driving on snowy or icy roads is fraught with many dangers. Thus, the vehicle can enter the ice, especially when it moves at high speed and at any moment it may stall on snowy area.

The "Winter Driving" is aimed at motivating drivers to use secure proactive management style truck on winter road. Smooth and predictable driving habits helps to prevent vehicle collisions and other risks.

The course driving in winter conditions is carried out for drivers who have undergone "defensive driving". To understand the importance of a proactive driving style training begins with the practical part.

Education winter driving can achieve the following objectives:

- Acquisition of drivers' knowledge and practical skills in the use of rational methods of driving on the road in the winter and in other seasons on slippery surfaces (rain, asphalt, gravel);

- The development of the drivers ability to forecast and understand the causes of non-standard (critical) situation in the winter / slippery roads;

- The development of effective methods Ramp on slippery surfaces by repetition of exercises in the real world;

- The formation of practical skill drivers avoid loss of control car in difficult winter conditions.


Podgotovka car for winter.

Osnovnye principles driving in winter conditions.

Upravlenie car in difficult conditions.

Categories of students:

 Motorists who are concerned about personal safety and the safety of loved ones;

Rukovoditeli and professionals related to the provision, control and management of transport safety, including managers and specialists working directly with drivers;

 Drivers of vehicles (cars, vans, buses, trucks, etc.);

 Employees eligible vehicle management companies;

 Employees of organizations carrying out work / providing services involving vehicles on the premises.

The methodology and format of training:

 The theoretical part. Classes are held in the training format that includes a mini-lecture, presentation, review and analysis of photo-video exercises.

 The practical part (polygon) includes:

 safety rules on the winter range (to avoid accidents);

 readiness check vehicles provided for practical exercises;

 exercise "Choosing a distance." Revealing mistakes in the choice of distance when driving behind the car and their analysis. In this exercise, students are asked to select the distance that they observe in everyday driving. Demonstration of the consequences of choosing the wrong (wrong, dangerous) distance;

 exercise "Acceleration - deceleration." Testing of the right skills start off on slippery roads and different methods of braking (step, pulse, extra). During the exercise, students work out the skills of effective braking to reduce the stopping distance;

 exercise "Rotation". Students are invited to try in practice to pass the turn, and if you select the wrong speed and trajectory of the wrong-doing (braking, sharp steering and throttle) their possible consequences (an uncontrolled drift, drift, exit into oncoming traffic, and departure from the roadway);

 exercise "Detour obstacles." Tutoring is offered in a simulated situation, the sudden appearance of obstacles to perform the maneuver detour obstacles. Exercise allows you to demonstrate the complexity of the implementation of this maneuver and its consequences (the appearance is not controlled demolition, skidding, and as a result, leaving the oncoming lane departure from the road). Exercise confirms the importance of adhering to a safe distance, spacing and speed limits.

Duration: 10 hours.

The form of the document issued by: certificate.

The cost of training one person: 5310 rubles. taking into account the 10% discount.