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In India found a promising oil field

November 21, 2014

Deposits of oil found near the Indian city of Ahmedabad Cambay basin (Cambay), according to some estimates, is the biggest discovery of the year. Company Jay Polychem (India), a division Jay Madhok Group, discovered oil in the first well drilled on its ground block CB-ONN-2009/8.

Drilling of two wells since July 2013, and both discovered huge oil reservoirs.

Found oil in its properties similar to the variety that the company produces on nearby ONGC Padra field (Padra), and the company GSPC - on the field Ingoli (Ingoli).

Jay Polychem (India) is the operator of the block and the owner of 87% shares.

Testing the oil detected downhole Kharenti-A, was completed in October. Initial analysis of oil samples showed that it has a density of 14 degrees API. According to sources, the company is currently taking the necessary steps to determine the potential of the new field. She intends to use the best technologies used for oil production in the United States, Canada and South America, and hopes to expand commercial production.

Recall that India consumes about 100 million tons of crude oil, much of which has to be imported.