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In the Amur region opened a criminal case against the former regional head of Rosprirodnadzor

November 5, 2014

Blagoveshchensk Prosecutor confirmed the indictment in the criminal case against the former head of the regional RPN Valeriy Kolesnikov. He is accused of taking bribes, abuse of power, as well as aiding and abetting a forgery.

According to investigators, the fall of 2005, Valery Kolesnikov asked the general director and founder of "Goldregion" to include his daughter in the composition of the company with a share in the share capital of 20%, thereby wishing to continue to participate in the management of the organization and to receive part of the profits. During this Kolesnikov promised not to identify and prevent violations of "Goldregion" requirements of legal acts in the field of environmental protection.

CEO agreed to the demands, and in December 2005, the daughter of Kolesnikov was included in the composition of its founders. In July 2011, Kolesnikov received from the chapter "Goldregiona" power of attorney to manage funds in the account opened with one of the banks in Khabarovsk, and subsequently acquitted him of about 1 million rubles listed as dividends for the year 2011. Thus, he received from the Director General of the bribe for connivance in the service.

In turn, Kolesnikov gave oral instruction to his subordinate does not inspect in relation to "Goldregiona" does not leave on its territory and to take samples of soil, waste and natural waters that in order to create visibility were taken elsewhere. In the laboratory, the conclusion was drawn, according to which pollution contained in the submitted samples did not exceed the permissible limits.

A criminal case has been referred to the Annunciation city court for consideration on the merits.