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In the Kirov region worker died in the mixer

November 14, 2014

On one of the enterprises for the production of reinforced concrete in Sosnovka Vyatskopolyansky District Kirov region was an emergency. Evening of October 31 maintenance worker fell into the mixer, and died from his injuries. The man was 47 years old.

In trudinspektsii report that the worker was not officially employed. On the day of the tragedy, he went to the shop, where there was a concrete mixer to close the door, and for some reason to stay inside. What he did not know in the room - it alive no one else saw. Until now, it remains unclear under what circumstances the working fell into the mixer.

Now into the death of laborer conducted investigations to establish the circumstances of the incident. Based on the information received, the decision will be made about who is responsible for the death of a person.