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New Rules on labour protection when working at height

November 17, 2014

The rules of labor protection when working at height approved by order of the Ministry of Labor Russia 28.03.2014 N 155n.

   The rules of labor protection when working at height regulations established by the State for the protection of labor and regulate the actions of the employer and the employee in the organization and conduct of work at height.

The requirements of the Rules apply to employees and employers - businesses and individuals, regardless of their organizational and legal form, except for employers - individuals who are not individual entrepreneurs.

  To work at height are working when:

  a) there are risks associated with the possibility of falling worker with height of 1.8 m or more;

  b) the employee carries rise exceeding 5 m in height or slope that exceeds the height of 5 m, a vertical ladder whose angle to the horizontal plane greater than 75 °;

  c) the work is performed at sites closer than 2 m from the unshielded height difference of more than 1.8 m, and if the height of the fence these areas less than 1.1 m;

  d) there are risks associated with the possibility of falling from a height of worker less than 1.8 m, if the work is carried out on machinery or water surface or protruding objects.

The rules establish the requirements for

- Employee prirabotenavysote

- Production facilities iproizvodstvennym sites

- Application software systems bezopasnostirabotnavysote

- Manufacture of work at height

- The use of ladders, platforms, ladders

- Equipment, machinery, hand tools, used prirabotenavysote


Order of the Ministry of Labour of Russia from 03.28.2014 №155n published in the Russian newspaper, №251, November 5, 2014 and shall come into force six months after its official publication.

Start Date: 05/06/2015


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